The future belongs to consciousness research

“The only adventure for modern man worth living for can be found inside.”
Carl Gustav Jung

We have made it our mission to investigate what is generally known as consciousness. On a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Cross-cultural and integrative. Symptomatic and phenomenological.

We find a great deal of evidence in life processes and in nature that consciousness is not simply a material activity of the brain on a biophysical and biochemical level, but that it appears to exist as a level of reality and experience independent of the material body, a level in which spirit and nature are mysteriously connected and interact. In many cases, this has not yet found a place in natural science, or it has been forgotten. A great pity, as we find.

“The physicist does not explain the secrets of nature, he leads them back to deeper secrets.”
Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker

If we look at many of the old quantum physicists – whether Planck, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Pauli or von Weizsäcker – we see that these scientists saw consciousness as an essential part of this world and realized that intentional subjective observation influences the outer objective world. The physically inexplicable phenomena are numerous.

Near-death experiences, memories of previous incarnations, mental influence on material processes, mental healings or paranormal abilities are to be seen in this context. This is usually ignored or labelled as unscientific by the natural sciences, although there are no acceptable scientific explanations for such phenomena.

Science & God?

“The first sip from the glass of science transforms you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
Werner Heisenberg

What interactions and possibilities of influencing the outer matter through consciousness exist? We consider it to be unscientific to dismiss this with purely materialistic arguments based on speculative assumptions, without real scientific evidence. This attitude suggests, that in natural science we also find a great deal of “worldviews” and belief systems, as often criticized in religions. We believe, only a cooperative attitude allows a holistic cognition.

Therefore, we cooperate with numerous international scientists from physics, biology, psychology, cultural and human sciences and other disciplines as well as with philosophers and spiritualists in order to be able to describe a larger and possibly holistic picture of reality and life.

Vision and mission in this time

„Every valuable human being must be a radical and a rebel, for what he must aim at is to make things better than they are.“  
Niels Bohr

It is our concern to connect the most diverse disciplines from natural and human sciences, and to integrate them into consciousness research, to include spirituality, arts and intercultural aspects as a broader perspective and to combine this with a clear conscience, namely to establish a wholeness beyond one-sided world views and explanatory models, which serves the well-being of all creation and all forms of life.

Since we see consciousness – however defined – as the basis for subjective observation, analysis and interpretation of the external objective world, consciousness is the elementary object of our observation and research.

And because science, consciousness and life require a high degree of responsibility, what is commonly referred to as conscience is the highest priority in our work. This should be expressed in cosmopolitanism and curiosity, mutual respect and the endeavor be characterized by a holistic answer to elementary questions.

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